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Hi! I'm Christina Debose...but you might know me as Socially Chrissy!

I'm a woman who used her husband's GOpro to turn a passion into a business. I left the world of social work due to extreme burnout and realized I was unwilling to compromise my mental health, marriage, and motherhood for a paycheck.

This shift led me to realize that I live for creating  epic videos that tell a story. Everyone has a story worth telling and story telling is an essential element of building a business.


When I am not busy building my business I spend my time traveling and enjoying great food with my beautiful daughter, Eden. 


Motherhood and business building led me to be  deeply passionate about  inspiring mamas! I believe we as women are more than just moms, we are BOSS Women!


I know that I can help you build your business and brand by creating incredible video content so that you have time to do other things.

All About Socially Chrissy

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